Cultural and Artistic Exchange : Canada-China

  Project Description

The goal of the exchange is to discover the values, way of life and ambitions of young Chinese (or Canadian) students.

An exchange of drawings created with LopArt will occur between the two ‘twinned' classes and will revolve around four themes.

In the first phase, the LopArt Museum will act as a shared space for the presentation of works by the students participating in the exchange; four collective and theme-based galleries will be set up to present their art. In the second phase, a private section will be opened on the LopArt Museum site, allowing for the exchange of ideas and comments between participating students and teachers.


Group 1
Teacher : Hong Han
Students : 1st grade
Tao Yuan elementary School, Dalian, Chine

Group 2
Teacher : Xin Xin
Students : 4th grade
Tao Yuan elementary School, Dalian, Chine

Group 1
Teacher : Carole Leroux
Students : 1st grade
St-Redempteur elementary school, Hull, Canada

Group 2
Teachers : Nathalie Gauthier
Lynne Séguin
Students : 4th grade
Dôme elementary school, Gatineau, Canada



My self- portrait
First theme

Group 1 : 6-7years old

Group 2 : 9-10 years old

Here, you will make a drawing of yourself. In your self-portrait, include your favorite colors, patterns, clothes. You can also show yourself doing an activity you particularly like. The written commentary accompanying your drawing will tell us your age and the things you like best.

The people around me
Second theme

Group 1 : 6-7years old

Group 2 : 9-10 years old

Draw the people who are close to you, the people around you : your friends, your family, people in your neighborhood. In the comments section, tell us who they are and why they are important to you.

My environment
Third theme

Group 1 : 6-7years old

Group 2 : 9-10 years old

In this drawing, show the place where you live : your house or apartment, your street or neighborhood, the park you play in, the market, etc.

I imagine you...
Fourth theme

Group 1 : 6-7years old

Group 2 : 9-10 years old
Imagine China (or Canada) and its inhabitants, its homes and its landscapes. Make a drawing that shows children of your age who live in this big country in the continent of Asia (or the Americas).

China's National Children's Day

Collective gallery 'Children's Day'

St-Pascal-Baylon School, CSDM
Grade 6 students

Illustrations providing messages of courage, love and health to send to the Tao Yuan School students, giving them hope to win over SARS.

"We've been working on LopArt for an hour now. Our students are very motivated,
in spite of the little difficulties we encounter. The theme interests them a
lot, and we can see their talent. It is hard to stop once we've begun. We have
to leave the lab, another class is arriving... I'll write you back later."

Nathalie Giguère


Da jia hao (hello everybody)
On receiving your benediction, we are very excite. We are deeply touched by the love through the little screen. Your blessing at the particular period of SARS give us confidence and courage to eliminate SARS. Your encouragement and blessing make me think of Dr. Henry Norman Bethune,we will remember his great internationalism sprit for ever. Your blessing is like the fire in winter and let us deeply feel that Canada is a country filled with love and that "world" is not a pure word,it is real and fill with love, it is not far to reach any more for we feel its heart beating.
The feeling of being with world is so nice! SARS is still exist,but our children are not lonely. We see your encouragement and blessing through these pictures. With your help and encouragement in the most difficult period, We are sure to conquer the SARS!
Thank you, our friend!
Tao Yuan School

Teacher donghui
Meeting and knowing you is my luck,"love" make us more united make the world more colorful.
There are no "separate" between us. Because our hearts are very near, aren't them?
We have only a little problem. Believe us, eliminating SARS is only a very easy task. Please bless for us, Thank you!

Teacher fanlina

Thank our little friends in Canada very much for your concern to Chinese students and Chinese people! Everyone in China is trying his best to fight against SARS. I am sure we will conquer it soon. Teacher gaoxin:
Thank you for your concerning Chinese people. SARS isn't frightened in fact .I'm sure that we could conquer it.

Teacher Hanhong
Thank you for your sincerely regard to us, Our confidence of conquering SARS is the pictures in Gallery which is full with sunshine.

Teacher ZhaoXiaohong
SARS is only whistle-stopping cloud in the sky, your encouragement and our hard work will turn into driving wind which will disperse it soon.

Teacher XinXin
Thank you, we are sure that beautiful sky will be sure to come after rain.

Teacher ShiShujie
Love is the most beautiful language of human being; let us fight against "SARS" together!Teacher LiuYi
Thanks for the concern from friends in Canada. Chinese children will fight against SARS bravely with people near them. At the same time, our students in China also hope that their friends in Canada can protect themselves well, we fight against SARS together.

Teacher ZhangMieJie
Conquering illness is the common business of the whole human being.
We know deeply that spring is beautiful sunshine and air are valuable. We hope we can have a beautiful life again with the hard work of the whole human being.
Thank you for your concern!
May health stay with us for ever, May friendship stay with us for ever!

Principal Songlanchun
Spring is coming, this is an unusual spring ,but every spring have flowers. With the fresh green in spring, we are sure to have the hope of harvesting in autumn. In the days fighting ¡°SARS¡±.We receive your blessing from other side of the Pacific, and we are deeply touched. Your pictures give us strength and confidence to conquer "SARS". We are sure to win the victory. Our life and the friendship between us are just like the paintbrush that is colorful. We sincerely invite you to China, to Dalian, to TaoYuan School on the day of our eliminating SARS.