Here is a list of the schools that are using LopArt

Why choose LopArt as a learning tool?

The Pedagogical File explores this question.


Those who work with children are seduced by the simplicity of LopArt, as well as by the originality and creativity it allows. Whether it is used during free-time or for structured learning activities and projects, LopArt is a highly stimulating learning tool.

In the « WORKSHOP » section of this website, we offer creative workshops which help youngsters learn different aspects of the software. Many of these activities offer links to inspiring web sites.

The workshops can be offered to students in the form of activities for individual enrichment. We also invite you to try our LEARNING ACTIVITIES with your primary level students.

In the « GALLERIES » section of this website, which opens into the Museum galleries, artists, big and small, exhibit their creations. Stroll through and let your eyes feast! To show one's own works on this site, nothing could be easier! Simply register at the Museum by choosing a gallery name and a password. Then you can send images from LopArt with a click of the mouse. Group exhibits can be mounted in a common gallery by simply sharing the gallery password.