A thousand billion crayons! What to do?

While using LopArt is easy, getting used to some of its tools will take time. Drawing in blue and red with the same crayon, thinning the paint, widening the stroke, choosing textures and erasing. There are lots of tools to be mastered!

To find out how to use LopArt, the first step is definitely to read the INSTRUCTION MANUAL .

The EXPLORATION section of this website also guides you step-by-step through all of LopArt's creative tools.

If you've run out of ideas, just check out the Idea Zone!

More advanced users can also use the tips below to help them get the most out of LopArt.

• Saving your drawing's history (.lop)

This procedure allows you to save a drawing outside of the LopArt application, either on a diskette or in a folder on your computer.
- While pressing the Shift Key, click on the Copy icon in the Portfolio's interface.
To import a drawing that is saved on disk:
- While pressing the Shift Key, click on the White Page icon.


• How do I send a virtual postcard to several people?

Separate e-mail addresses using only a comma (no spaces).


• How do I mount a collective exhibition?

Choose the name of the common gallery and share the password with your group.


• How do I re-use a specific stroke?

To find a stroke that you have used previously, – its color, half-tone, width and transparency – click on the stroke in your image while pressing the Shift Key.


• How do I transfer an image from one portfolio to another?

- While pressing the Shift Key, click on the Copy icon in the Portfolio's interface to export your drawing.

To transfer your drawing:
-While pressing the Shift Key, click on the White Page icon from your new Portfolio interface.


• How do I run LopArt in full-screen mode?

Set your monitor resolution to 800X600.



• How do I close a gallery or remove inappropriate images from the Museum?

Send an e-mail to LopArt at the following address: lopart@loplop.com.
Your request will be reviewed by the team, and appropriate action will be taken.


• Why do I need to fill in the information file for an image
in the LopArt portfolio?

The information file lets you give your picture a title (line 1) and signature (line 2). In the final section, you can put any other relevant information (age, level of schooling, a short description of the work, etc.). This information can then be used by anyone to search for your image using specific words in the information file.