The Most Incredible Article About Durian Delivery Singapore You’ll Ever Read

Durian has now been serving tasty and high-quality durians to people in Singapore and around the world who like them. Because of this, Ah Seng Durian has become one of the best places to buy durian in Singapore. MSW durians cost $22 per kilogram, while XO durians cost $16, Black Pearl durians cost $15, and Red Prawn and Hulu durians cost $12 per kilogram

Everything you need to know about shipping durian and a few steps above it?

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The local way to get rid of the smell of durian is to wrap it in a lot of cling wrap and put it in airtight tight. After that, you can try to take it in a taxi. Some drivers will let you, but others will tell you to keep your durian far away from their car. Durian durian delivery singapore packed in a more excellent box. It’s better to avoid problems than to fix them. Charcoal is used. Some people think that putting activated carbon in the car will eliminate the smell of durian, like how Thirsty Hippo gets rid of moisture in closets. … Using Pandan leaves… New technology.


Durian is a weird fruit that tastes salty, sweet, and creamy all at the same time. A durian should taste like chives and powdered sugar mixed durian delivery Singapore meant to be eaten like whipped cream with pieces of garlic and caramel.